Case Studies

AGR Herten

The RZR Herten waste incineration power station is considered as a classic example of efficient disposal and being of exemplary technology. At the start of the year GBT supplied another technical showpiece - At a height of 100 metres and under quite difficult conditions they put on a new stack outlet top.

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The BS│ENERGY central combined heat and power station forms the core of Brunswick's energy and heat supply. Electricity and district heating has been produced there since 1928, according to the combined heat and power principle. After being almost completely renewed and expanded in 1986, a large part flue gas scrubber awaited renovation. A job under immense deadline pressure: only 21 days remaining for the challenging task.

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Ford Cologne

Ford-Werke GmbH now uses a special material when partially renovating the waste water collection system during paint preparation in its paint shop at the Cologne site. The double-walled coating ensures a safe and above all testable sealing even in inaccessible parts of the line.

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ZAS Darmstadt

The waste incineration power plant at Darmstadt in South Hessen is considered to be one of the most modern in the world – its energy budget is exemplary. The swapping of the gas burner previously used for heating the flue gas for a steam-heated heat exchanger now brought even more efficiency. A time-critical project, posing enormous planning and assembly requirements.

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